Hi everybody,

For the augmenting prototyping project in the advanced prototyping minor we are going to engage ourselves with using eye tracking software to track “the eye of the beholder in fine arts”. By doing this we will try to gain knowledge about what people look at when examining gloss in paintings. The knowledge gained from our research set up will hopefully be integrated in the further research of Willemijn Elkhuizen, a PhD student who tries to improve the lifelikeness of 3D printings of paintings by focussing on the glossy effects experienced on said paintings. 

My name is Celine Jansen and I am a student in maritime engineering. Together with Ronja Strikker and Jerome Hompes, both industrial design students, we will try to use knowledge from our own work- and study fields to bring this project to a successful conclusion and gain knowledge about completely different work fields by doing so.

To enable sucessful and easily, user friendly, performable eye tracking experiments, we will build a test set up. Using this set up and the Tobii eye tracking software it needs to be possible to properly look into the way people look at and experience gloss in artworks. By doing so we hope to help improve the gloss characteristics and lifelikeness of 3D printed artworks.

Teampicture - Left to right: Celine, Jerome, Ronja

Teampicture – Left to right: Celine, Jerome, Ronja

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