The end is near (Science Fair and Final Deliverable)


For the science fair (31-10-2017, Halloween) we decided we wanted to do something special besides just presenting the results we achieved by doing our eyetracking experiments on gloss in fine arts.

This something special will include tracking the eyes of some of the visitor of the science fair.

To do this properly we will let them come to our dark test room in the cellar to show off our setup and to perform some “serious” testing. The results of these tests can be followed on the actual fair through a live stream from the computer screen of Celine, who’s laptop will be used during the experiments.



After really thinking things through we realised that scaring people off at the science fair by showing them a jump scare painting, which was our original idea, would not be so great after all.

We decided to change our presentation ideas. Instead of a scary painting, the eyes of a few of our spectators will be tracked while watching at the same view our test subjects did; the sunflowers painting with varying gloss. To make this possible in the science fair environment, we will not use the actual painting but use a video instead.


This video will be displayed on a smart tv screen linked to the laptop on which the eye tracking experiment will be executed.

On our stand we will also be showing of the train which was used to move our spotlight for enabling glossy effects on the painting during our experimental pilot. The clamps we printed to fix the paintings properly to the frame during our tests will also be shown on the fair.

We will also show the poster displayed below.

Informational poster displayed on the science fair

To visualize how our set-up could be used to its full potential we made a tutorial-like video. By using this video we want to explain and clarify in a clear and easy way how our set-up could be used for actual tests.

Storyboard for our tutorial film


This tutorial could be seen as our final deliverable. It shows off all the important aspects of our set-up.


The day of the actual science fair has come. The final tests with the Tobii, the TV screen and the laptop worked out okay. The dimensions and the angles from the Tobii x60 device to the screen in our science fair set-up turned out to be far less than ideal. For this reason the callibrations were not very presize. However, the concept turned out to be sufficient for showing of our ideas, the technology and our setup in general.

After filling in the final calibration parameters and performing a few test we were as ready as could be.

We did the best we could to make our stand look inviting for the public.

Getting started by putting things in place at the science fair

Ready to go?

Final presentation setup, full image

Final presentation setup, Tobii and visulasation screen

Final presentation setup, Tobii eyetracker in setup

Everything probably looked good because many people turned out to be very interested in our project. Especially children wanted to try and perform a short eye track test really badly.

Since they say a picture says more than a thousand words, we want to give you an impression of the science fair by showing off some of the pictures we made.

Calibration of our very first spectators

Many enthousistic childern eager to start testing. They are even queuing for a turn on the eye tracker

Explaining the concept and our general project

Calibrating turns out to be very serious business

Calibration still in progress

(Purposely) crossed eyed participants are not detected by the Tobii device

Looking at the heat map results of their classmate

Looking at the gazeplot results of their classmate

Looking at the gaze opacity (inverse heatmap) results of their classmate

Sceptically analysing the results

Willemijns project really caught the attention of many of our spectators. We got a lot of question about the gloss on paintings and 3d printed paintings in general.

In short: our subject was received with a lot of enthusiasm.

The teacher of the kids, who all wanted to participate in our experiment, even advised us to not get the paintings to be too realistic. She thought we would make it too easy for art forgers.

We had a nice day and everybody’s enthusiasm surely contributed to our own.


After cleaning up our stand and after saying our goodbyes to our beloved dark cellar room, our eyetracking days have come to an end.

Thank you for reading.

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